Under the moniker Four Muses Studio, my practice involves a variety of media and aesthetic styles; I don’t limit myself to any medium or subject. Instead, much of my work reflects the inner changes happening as I unlearn the mechanisms of patriarchy, racism, colonization, and imperialism in my mind and body. From 2020 to 2022, I pursued a Masters in Global Arts and Culture at RISD where I discovered I had undiagnosed ADHD. Since graduation, I am incubating several new projects: a digital database of free, online, untraditional art history resources, a series of work responding to recent political, environmental and religious shifts in American culture, and a backyard garden/prairie ecosystem.  


Art history related resources and websites are in abundance online, yet huge problems connected to access, representation, and search capabilities make the content of these sites largely unavailable to the public. I am currently developing a database which would connect users to such freely accessible digital resources in the arts. My aim is not only to expand the availability of such sites, but to also question and challenge the traditional categories, meta-narratives, and representational understandings of art history. My hope is that scholars, young and old, academic and independent, would find new, inviting, and quality resources to expand their work.

I am looking for:
-Sites with no paywall for information.
-Sites which offer scholarly content that would not typically be found in an art or art history textbook.
-Sites with the intent to promote and connect all types of artists.
-Sites with projects affiliated to academic or other scholastic bodies (universities, arts non-profits, museums, etc.)

I am not looking for:
-Sites that have evidently not been edited, revised, or updated in the past 10 years+.
-Sites where content can be openly edited with an account.
-Sites which claim to offer scholarly content, but lack proper citation, fact checking, or links to outside sources.
-Sites with sales (i.e. products, tickets, artwork, information) as the primary or sole function of the website, organization, or group.

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